Independent Consultant: “BBC’ Stephen Sackur interview with Atty. Chong, Why Not?”


A UP Alumnus and independent consultant insinuated a rather compelling proposal amid mainstream media’s awkward silence towards the alleged irregularities that hounded the 2016 National Elections.

In his recent Facebook post, Adolfo Mortera hinted that it would be a gamechanger if BBC’ Stephen Sackur could initiate a one – on – one interview with Atty. Glenn Chong so as other international media agencies such as CNN, NY Times, Fox News, Al Jazeera, including Asian Media should follow suit.

Mortera hopes that somebody from the media with a patriotic inclination could facilitate such interview. He also encouraged his followers to share his post in the intent to capture media’s attention.

Mortera’s Facebook post on a Monday, August 14, 2018, read as, “A STEPHEN SACKUR INTERVIEW WITH GLENN CHONG: WHY NOT?

Since local media are silent on Glenn Chong’s damning testimonies on 2016 election fraud, why not bring this case to international media? A Glenn Chong interview with BBC’s Stephen Sackur, for example, will make NY Times, CNN, Foxnews, AlJazeera and Asian media follow or carry the story, and will send shock waves to LP and Comelec-Smartmatic syndicate!

I hope we have a patriotic journalist or local news organization or BBC correspondent who can facilitate this interview.

Too bad Glenn Chong isn’t an FB friend – his friend list is full – and can’t tag him. Those who can, please tag him.


Many of his followers felt enthused about his suggestion with one of them even disposed to coordinating with Radyo Pilipinas’ Carmen Ignacio, citing to be a friend of Atty. Glenn Chong’s.

Meanwhile, Mortera’s post comment section, one of his followers post an screenshot of atty. Chong comment regarding his Facebook post.

“Please paabot kay Sir Adolfo Mortera, pasasalamat ko sa kanya. Hindi kasi ako makapagcomment sa kanyang timeline.”

“I am ready to face the foreign media anytime for an interview. I hope this opportunity will come our way.” Atty. Chong said.

Mortera also authored an earlier post saying that the only reason for Vice President Leni Robredo to redeem her dignity to the nation is by choosing to RESIGN from her post as the second – highest ranking official.

This came after the Vice Chief expressed her intentions of mending ties with President Rodrigo Duterte after all the while. He began his post by saying, ‘that is expected’ of her since LP now in shambles, “irrelevant & reduced to a subminority in Congress, their disruptive rallies with accomplice CBCP not gaining people support, their failed power grab attempts through EU-US-UN sponsors, and a probable SC ruling to nullify her victory as constant threat, her trips abroad now few, Leni’s options have been reduced to ranting zero-value statements.”

Source:  Adolfo Mortera / Facebook




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